Training Provided

Brilliant Accounting and Training offers a truly unique and tailor-made learning model to adult education.

We offer personalized and customized coaching as the platform for individual empowerment and development as opposed to merely facilitating course contents. That said, our packages are flexible to our clients’ unique requirements. An example of that is the offering of group training, or individual and personalized coaching, or alternatively a variety of distance learning methodologies.

In addition Brilliant Accounting and Training offers workshops and/or seminars either at our clients’ premises at highly competitive packages, or at prestigious public venues accredited for their hospitality and convenience.

The advantages of in-house training:

  • It strongly promotes teamwork and communication between participants, especially when a number of different ‘ranks’ within your business are trained together;
  • Creates a ‘critical mass’ of people who share the same vision much faster than sending people in small numbers to public training, i.e. You get much faster organizational change with in-house training;
  • It can be easily customized specifically for your business, using examples and images from your own environment; and
  • It is cheaper (per person) than public training. This is because we do not have to pass on the cost of marketing or venue hire.

Having looked at the advantages of in-house training we also need to convey the disadvantages of in-house training, individual coaching and/or group training sessions:

  • It can be very difficult to get all your team together at the same time, without having to suspend your normal business activities;
  • Participants are far more likely to be interrupted during the training session, to deal with ‘crisis’s’ that arise.