Brilliant Accounting and Training is a Pastel ATC (Accredited Training Center) and a Accredited Training Center for ICB (Institute for Certified Bookkeepers).

Brilliant Accounting and Training remains the more popular choice in nance and bookkeeping development because our focus is 100% outcomes based.

Our training material and assessment design is aimed at maximizing learning development and subsequent workplace application.



To evectively contribute to the prosperity of our selected clientele through the provision of value added skills training that contribute to their bottom line. To empower our local community through Skills development and outcomes based education.


We provide quality training programs and development opportunities for all employees to provide the ultimate service to employers and the community. We give the job seeker an opportunity to apply for a position with condence.


Trust, Integrity, Reliability and Passion. Brilliant Accounting and Training is a fully accredited training provider designed to be innovative, supportive, educational, and committed to individual empowerment.

Brilliant Accounting and Training offers a truly unique and tailor-made learning model to adult education.

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